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We're saying goodbye!

July is the last month of the Ottawa Writer's Circle. Read on for more information about what's happening and when!

A stuffed avocado with a smiling face and small feet against a green and yellow background with the phrase "we're saying goodbye" in a retro peach font and a "last chance" note in the corner, surrounded by a sunburst.

Unfortunately, the timeline is a little faster than we'd planned in our announcement blog post, but a few of the leadership team has planned a gathering for this Saturday, July 8th for anyone who may be interested in discussing maintaining a writing community going forward.

July 31, 2023 will be the last official day of the OWC! On August 1st, the Discord server will be closed and this website will temporarily be a landing page for our domain name. Because of the sheer number of requests, we won't be linking to any other Ottawa writing organizations. We don't have the resources or expertise to vet everyone who has reached out, but there are lots of places to connect with other writers, both in Ottawa and online.

A few people have reached out to ask about what will happen to your site member accounts and other personal data. This will be purged with the closing of the website and won't be shared with any other parties. Therefore, you won't have an account with the OWC (or Wix, if applicable) after July 31, 2023 and you won't have to worry about us giving your information to any other organizations (or having to remember yet another password!).

If you would like to among the first to hear about what I (Averill) will be up to post-OWC (once I figure that out), I'm collecting a new email mailing list here. As always, you can find me on my website and on Twitter, for however long that thing lasts.

Again, thank you all so much for the past ten years. That number doesn't quite make sense in my mind, but it's been the pleasure of my life (so far) to guide such a diverse and enthusiastic community through your writing journeys.

A stylized version of Averill's name in her handwriting, plus a heart.

P.S. If you didn't have the opportunity to take advantage of the rare chance to work with me (Averill) during June, I'm extending my donation drive through the end of July. If you donate to a Canadian queer advocacy or Indigenous rights charity and provide proof to, I'll do a critique or coaching session with you! 🧡🏳‍🌈 Thank you so much to all those who have already donated. 🙏

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