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May 2022: Inciting Incidents!

This month's theme for many of our discussion groups, weekly questions, challenges, and prompt parties is Inciting Incidents!

an unexpected event in a story that upsets the character's status quo and creates a problem they have to spend the rest of the plot trying to solve

Their call to adventure...

What incites your main character to action? How do you decide what your inciting incident should be? How early in the story should it happen? What are some effective inciting incidents in stories you're read or seen?


We hope you'll join us to discuss these questions and more in May! Check out our Events Page to see what we're up to, or join us on Discord for even more events and to keep the conversation going all month long. We're so excited to talk about some really inciting things with you soon! 💖

(Get it? See what I did there? Eh? Eh? ...I'll see myself out.)


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