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June 2022: Subplots!

This month's theme for many of our discussion groups, weekly questions, challenges, and prompt parties is Subplots!

a literary technique: a secondary plot or a strand of the main plot that runs parallel to it and supports it. Also known as the "B" or "C" story, it adds complexity and depth and increases tension.

How do subplots enhance your story? How do you decide what your subplots should be? What is the purpose of subplots? How do you weave subplots into your storyline? How do you distinguish between the A plot and B plot of a story?


We hope you'll join us to discuss these questions and more in June! Check out our Events Page to see what we're up to, or join us on Discord for even more events and to keep the conversation going all month long. Since we're talking about Subplots, don't be afraid to join us with your B-game! 😉


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