OWC Code of Values

The OWC is a respectful community

As the OWC grows, it’s important that we all understand what is expected of members at events, offline and online. A Code of Values goes beyond a Code of Conduct which outlines how members are to behave. A Code of Values outlines what the OWC stands for and what we expect our members to believe in. Therefore, it serves as a set of universal guidelines by which all members must agree to adhere.

At the Ottawa Writer’s Circle, we value:

  • Our focus on building a writing community

  • Respect for people,

  • Listening and learning,

  • Openness, and

  • Kindness and empathy.

This means:

  • Focusing conversations and events on writing-related topics

  • Treating people like we would like to be treated

  • Never say anything about anyone you wouldn’t say to them

  • Listening with the intent to understand and acknowledging it is important to the speaker

  • Learning when a behaviour is welcome and unwelcome

  • Not using poor social grace as an excuse to consistently make people uncomfortable

  • Being understanding when someone is new or shy without being forceful

  • Bringing forward any concerns to the Leadership Team

Additionally, several rules from our Code of Conduct still apply:

  • There is zero tolerance for harassment

  • Do not physically touch someone without their permission

  • Do not hit on or ask anyone out through OWC events, including online

The Leadership Team reserves the right to ask any member to leave an event or ban a member from the group if they deem them to have violated this Code in any way.

No copy-written content
Be kind and polite, and don't insult or belittle others
Only post your own writing in the appropriate forum
No promotion outside of the appropriate forum