OWC Code of Conduct

The OWC is a respectful community
No copy-written content
Be kind and polite, and don't insult or belittle others
Only post your own writing in the appropriate forum
No promotion outside of the appropriate forum



This guide exists for the safety and enjoyment of Ottawa Writer’s Circle (OWC) members and attendees of OWC events.




This guide applies to OWC communications and events. This includes the Meetup messaging app, emails, the website, and any in-real-life events.


What we mean when we say “harassment”


Harassment is whatever makes someone uncomfortable. That means if someone asks you to stop doing something, you need to stop, even if you don’t believe it’s a problem. The onus is on the harasser to stop their behaviour, not for the harassee to “get over it” or “lighten up.” This message to stop can come from the harassee or bystanders. If you’re asked to stop something and continue doing it, that’s when it becomes harassment. Everyone gets a chance to change.  



  • OWC is for the enjoyment of all. There is no tolerance for harassment based on but not limited to: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, mental and physical ability, etc.

  • Please respect others. If you see that a member is becoming uncomfortable, stop the conversation and move on. If you see an interaction between two other members in which one of them appears uncomfortable, absolutely step in and provide assistance, if required.

  • Do not physically touch someone without their permission.

  • OWC is not a dating community. Do not make advances or “hit on” members at OWC events or through other OWC channels.

  • Writing can still be deeply personal. Don’t force others to show you or explain their work unless they have explicitly asked for your comments.


Enforcement of rules

  • Event Organizers can ask someone to leave their event at any time.

  • Ongoing bans are at the discretion of the OWC Organizer based on information from members and Event Organizers. This includes a ban from attending events and posting on the OWC meetup group, website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

  • If the problematic behaviour continues, a permanent ban will be enforced.